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SFV Probate

I know from personal experience being a personal representative that there are so many tasks and it is almost impossible to know where to start. Add to that many of the decisions to be made are deeply personal and have long term consequences.

I have been a realtor since 2008. In 2010 a family friend passed away suddenly without leaving a will and the Family asked me to help prepare and sell the house. Because there was no will the attorney advised on the legal process and I created and carried out the plan. During this process I realized the great need for family-devoted professionals so I completed my Real Estate certifications in Probate/Trust and Senior Real Estate Transactions which when added to my BA Business and MBA allow me to provide families with comprehensive services including developing successful plans.

Since I am both a Senior and Probate certified Broker I have been asked by family and friends to be Executor, Administrator and Trustee for them. I have been honored to help because of the great trust they have placed in me and the peace of mind it provides them. I promise to give you the same care and attention.

I would love to share all the things I can do to help you develop and carry out your plan!

Janey Bishop

Probate Specialist &
Senior Certified

DRE# 01838769

(818) 570-1144